All top Greek high-tech companies in Endeavor network will have access to the trainees’ CV.


Trainees will have the chance to get to know and get affiliated with top entrepreneurs.


Trainees will have access to a library of resources completely designed by entrepreneurs.


Trainees will have the opportunity to kick-start their tech career in one of Greece’s top tech companies!



Fill out the application form and get ready for a quick interview with Endeavor


Get selected and attend a 15-day intense tech camp with entrepreneurs and fellow trainees


Get matched to the most promising Greek tech companies and start your internship


To be announced soon.


*for tech graduates/undergraduates up to 25 years old

Stay tuned for the announcement of the second batch of the program.


Welcome event

Trainees meet and socialize with Endeavor entrepreneurs, mentors and university representatives.
They learn details about the programs schedule.
Now they are ready to kick-start this journey!

Tech workshops

Trainees participate in a series of workshops, covering different topics in the industry’s hottest areas.
It is a unique chance to be trained by top entrepreneurs and executives in their field of expertise.
They can choose to stand out by being among the class’ top performers and impress the workshop curators.

“Ask Me Anything’’ sessions

Trainees have the opportunity to meet with top executives of Endeavor’s portfolio companies and ask any questions they may have.
They get a better sense of the everyday life of a professional in a high tech company.
Now they can explore how their ideal job description would look like.

Training library

All trainees gain access to a top notch resources library carefully created by our entrepreneurs.
They can study and complete as many of the resources as they can to attract the interest of our companies.
They can make themselves noticeable by using all this knowledge during the camp sessions.

Graduation event

After trainees complete the whole process, trainees can attend our graduation ceremony.
Trainees have the chance to meet and greet with HR professionals, talent scouters and tech company founders. This is their time to shine!